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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Autumn! My Favourite time of Year.

I have a new background on my blog, it's nice and bright & cheery, and seeing it's now Autumn in Australia I thought it very appropriate....... it's still very hot at 32 celsius today, so  I'm sure  looking forward to some cooler autumn days after a hot, steamy and very wet summer.
Back in the bear room, I'm just finishing off two more bears, one is a little tatty vintage fellow, only 7.5 inches in a blue sparse mohair, and the other  is a 15 inch more contemporary guy, made from a luxurious wavy mohair in shades of browns & beige... I'll be listing them both on Ebay within the next couple of days so I hope you'll pop back again to have a peek.
Big hugs to all,


  1. i love autumn so much too! and i just want to say i love bear on the post above very much! i want to be a follower if thats ok for you? big bear hugs and a nice and creative weekend! di

  2. Thank you so much, I'm happy you like my bear, and I'm now also following your lovely blog. It's so pretty and your creations are wonderful.